First time biking? Here are some five important tips to Start right.


Its been years already since you want to start biking and now you have bit the bullet and this year is it.  Now we on to a new adventure of the outdoors on the saddle, lets make it easy and safe for you to start.

1.  Buy a Bike
Yes, you do need a bike.  You have to buy one that's appropriate for your liking and then your build.  There are two main choices for you.  Do you like roads or off road?    If you like the former, then there are lot of bikes to choose from.  Road bikes or commuter bikes are available.  If you like the latter, then mountain bikes or gravel bikes are for you.  Ask your friends, most likely you have a friend that's an avid biker, he can go on and on blabbering about bikes.  You can also go to a bike shop, check out the bikes for yourself and try them out.  Ask all that there is to the bikes to help you with your ultimate decision.  Just a word of caution, keep to your budget.  Its easy to overspend.

2.  Buy the necessary gears
Next up is safety.  Buy a helmet, spare tube or patch kit and tire levers with pump, and a multi tool .  We can't say enough the safety of a helmet.  We can't prevent accidents even when riding slowly so what better way to protect oneself is by having one on.  There are a lot of cheap but adequate helmets around, so buy one at least.  You may not like the design or style but you can upgrade to one later on.  Don't ride without a helmet on.

Spare tubes or patch kits are a lifesaver when on the road. Unlike cars that we have spare tires, on bikes we don't have the luxury.  When our tires get punctured, its not a good experience pushing it to the next vulcanizing shop.  To remedy this, pull out your tire levers, take that punctured inner tire out and pop in the spare, and pump away.  It's much better to ride out to the next vulcanizing shop to have that punctured tire repaired (then that becomes your spare tube).

Multi tools come in different functions but any will do. Important thing you have the usual allen keys and the screw drivers. Should you need to fix a part of your bike, it beats taking that bus home.

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3.  Have a bike fit
When you have your bike, it's best to have it fit to your build.  Proper bike fits are a bit expensive but one fit is the best one for beginners, that is having the right saddle height.  If you don't do this, you will not have the correct posture to ride, bringing aches and sores to your legs and back.  Its difficult to discuss this but we have placed a link here for you to do this.

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4.  Don't over exert yourself
When you have started riding and started enjoying it, you have the urge to exert more and ride more.  Don't push your body too much too soon.  Doing so will bring more aches and pains again.  Circle around your city block for a few times before adding more circles to it.  Never fear the uphills, take them on slowly but surely, your day will come that you will conquer them.

5.  Need to Refuel
When you ride, don't forget to drink and eat along the way.  We get carried away with our ride that we forget to eat and rehydrate.  Don't wait for you to get thirsty before drinking, don't wait till you get hungry before eating.  When you do get thirsty and hungry, it means you are starting to get tired fast and you might find it hard to ride home even when you drink or eat.  To prevent this, focus in drinking every 10 kilometers, preferably 200ml at a time.  Don't gulp down that water that will make you feel full or bloated.  For the eating part, you can chomp down a banana every 10 kilometers as well.  Since we are in the Philippines, best to find a rice cake or biko/ kalamay.  It has the carbs and sugar to fuel your ride further.

There you go, some tips to help you start right with your ride.  Follow these and you will enjoy it, making you ride more in the future.