Awesome year 2019 For Biking


When I started biking years ago, it was something like a passing fancy.  I only bike when I like to do it so you can imagine I was only able to garner 1,000 kilometers in 2018 if my memory serves me right.  So in 2019 I got a little bit serious and pegged 2,000 kilometers as my goal for the year.

When you have goal, write them down they say.  So I did and I created a google spreadsheet document to write down my rides.  True to form I achieved my goal of 2,000 in August 2019 when I purchased bus tickets for our trip to Daet Camarines Norte.  So I upped the ante to 3,000 kilometers and that too was reach faster in December.  I was supposed to increase my goal to 3,500 but then I decided to ride as much as I can, as often as I can, and much longer as I can.

December 31, 2019, I had racked up a total of 3,362 kilometers for the year.  Shy of 138 kilometers to reach 3,500.  For an occasional rider like me, riding my bike for 3,362 kilometers is a big thing already for me.  I have biked to places that I wondered if I could.

Memorable rides include my resbak rides to Tagaytay (82.2kms) via silang and Boy scouts of the Philippines (79.6kms), my ride to Kaybiang Tunnel (142.8kms) where I fought leg cramps on my way home.   Sometime during the Lenten Season, I embarked again with my Bisikleta Iglesia (my second year - 71.4kms) covering the churches of Manila, then followed it up with another religious bike ride to Padre Pio Shrine in Batangas (85.5kms)

For the heck of it, I biked for 83.5kms for a salad, celebrated Independence day in Kawit (57kms), ran with the Sesame Street gang in MOA then biked around Divisoria (76.2kms).

In August I overcame the Taal Loop.  Although I had a lay over in San Luis, I was able to cover a total of 182 kilometers.  I traversed Silang-Lemery to reach San Luis, then rode home via Lipa-Tanauan.  All for a taste of Batangas Lomi, which was an event in itself.

This was also the year that I biked for insurance companies that averaged me 70kms per fun ride or gran fondo and had my last days of 2019 ride of 115kms when I made a bike trip to San Pablo, Laguna and back.

Overall, I had a great year in 2019.  I hope that in 2020, I may be able to beat my previous years record of 142.8 kms in one bike ride, and a total ride of 3,362 kms in one year.