Sun Life Cycle PH rides again


In my second year of joining, we accepted a shorter ride this time around.  Where last year we participated in the 40km fun ride, for this 2019, we were held to 20kms.  As usual this ride was held the same place as last year, at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

To reach the place, I had to cycle from my house in San Pedro, Laguna to the venue, that's roughly 26 kilometers starting 3:30am.  Went to claim my race kits at 5:00am, in time for my ride out at 5:30am.  I average around 15kms per hour so tackling the 20kms ride was exciting for me to check if I can beat it.  My usual ride would take it at 1 hour and 20 mins.

Sun Life Cycle PH rides are fun rides so this should just be a chill ride.  Since I went here without a friend, I had a chance to compete with myself.  I want to beat that one hour and 20 mins average of mine without running over my own body.

Unlike last year's event, I have trained for long rides.  I racked up more than 2,000 kms for the year so I knew my body is tuned for this s$#%.  At the gun, I went straight away to my usual pace of 15kms per hour.  Unlike my usual rides, this event's route was closed to traffic.  No cars, no people means we had the road to ourselves.  I went all out and went for 20kms per hour pace.  I was peaking at 30kph in some parts of the route and I was winging it.  I never knew I can do this on open roads.  Traffic restricts my pace to focus more on safety.  This time, I went fast.

True to form, I beat the my personal best by 23 minutes.  I achieved the 20kms in 57 minutes. Another personal best.  I felt great even if it wasn't a competition.  No first place, no last place, as long as you finish, there's a medal waiting for you at the end.  A feeling of accomplishment is what to aim for in these kind of events.

The event attracted a lot of riders, from professionals to amateurs like me.  From the elderly to young ones, from road bikes to folding bikes, everyone was all happy with their performance.  Over after race meals and free taho and free beer, riders converge in small groups and talk as if we are all old friends.  This is how biking bring people together.  Same experiences lays down common grounds, setting it up as ice breakers leading to long conversations.

This is why I bike.  I get a feeling that I belong.  Meeting other bikers on the road one can acknowledge one another.  Not wondering who the hell was that guy?  We simply nod and wave and wish each other a safe ride.  Thanks to Sun Life Cycle PH, we expand this experience further with a common event, a fun ride worth 20kms and 40kms.

I hope that next year, I can still be able to join, and go back to the 40km category.  

Thanks to my sponsor for this year's ride, Rudy Project.  They were instrumental in inviting me to join Sun Life Cycle PH.  I love their sunglasses and other products, their love for quality, is all I need to make me love them more.