Just needed 15 kms to reach the 2,000 km milestone


With my trusted Trinx steed, a 2018 model upgraded to mostly Shimano non series parts and some popular budget ones, I have gathered some mean road mileage.  For 2019 I made a goal of 1,000 kilometers.  Got it sometime April.  Then I upped the bar to 2,000 kilometers and I got the last 15 kilometers which I needed last August 11.  A very memorable day as it is also the day of the son's birthday.

All I needed actually was to ride to House of Helen San Pedro branch to do the 15 kms but I overdid myself.  I pedalled further to Evia Lifestyle in Daang Hari.  From my house that will land me to 14 kilometers and when I made a return trip, I hit the milestone upon Palazzo Verde.

Palazzo Verde is something that I pass normally as its part of my routine practice rides but today is special.  After hitting the 2,000 km milestone, I am now upping the ante by trying to reach 3,000 kms before year end.  Wish me luck guys.