The things I saw in Decathlon Alabang (June 2019)


After covering a bike race this morning, I went straight to one of my favorite sport shops in Alabang, Decathlon.  I have beeon coming here often as soon as they opened.  My new love for biking brought me here as I found out that they have a whole section dedicated to bikes.  A thing that was uncommon for most sport shops.

Decathlon in Alabang (they now have branches in Cavite and Pasig), is a spacious lot with lots of sports included.  It has your favorite sports, basketball, hikings, gym, swimming, running all the way down to the fewer sport segments like diving, football and equestrian. 

Going back to biking, you know that we are into bike packing and one of the first things I bought here were panniers.  They are the cheapest we have found after all the research we made.  Just make sure you have the racks on your bike, then these lovelies will just be fine for beginners.

These panniers are currently on their last stock and they are selling them with huge discounts.  From the Php650 that I bought them, they are now marked down for Php390.  Better buy them now as they are not producing them anymore.

Other products that took our attention were these bike jerseys.  These were new additions to the store and surprisingly, they are fashionable, with good materials and priced right.  Priced at Php550, these are entry level jerseys with simple designs.  They wick moisture efficiently and I am sure they will keep me dry during my rides.  If you check with online stores, a good bike jersey is priced more, sometimes with inferior material and is just simple in design.  With Decathlon's bike jersey, for the price, they have a zippered compartment, securing your wallet or money or even a phone.  I have not seen a bike jersey with this feature even for those priced expensively.  Better head to Decathlon for this.

Another bike upgrade we did was adding extra bottle cages.  My bike is only good for one and I need more for long rides.  My tool box is also in a bottle cage so that requires me around 3 bottle cages in total.  This I solved when I saw this.  A rubber product that have mounts, easily wrapped to the bike frame, adding more bottle cages for me.

I bought two of these, along with two bottle cages.  Easily installed them on my bike, I found out that these are durable and hold my bottle cages securely.  Me being a paranoid biker, I added hose clamps, the one's used in cars to hold radiator hoses.  Now I am confident my water bottles won't fall off even in trails or from jumping potholes.

There are other products that offered in Decathlon that I can't easily fit in this article.  I merely have chosen a few that caught my fancy and I would visit them again soon and report them here.

If you can't visit them physically, they have an online store where you can order and have your items shipped to you conveniently.  Click on their website here -