Ride to Independence


It was our country's independence day, June 12 and we always it celebrated it big time in Kawit Cavite.  The house where Emilio Aguinaldo, our first Philippine President shouted our independence and on its balcony, waved our country's flag.

So expect a lot of his descendants and politicians to come to this site to commemorate said event.  For this year, we also joined in the celebration by biking to this spot, trying to catch a glimpse and possibly take a bit of history on this day.

We rode out from Daang Hari around 7am and reached the place well before 9am.  We were so stoked that we were near the site when the road leading to it was blocked by police.  No one could go in or out unless with authorization of course.  We stayed for a while hoping it would open up but to no avail.

We had our breakfast, had chit chats with the locals who were also affected by the blockade.  We later found out that if we pass through the centennial road, we can have a straight access to the venue.  We circled around and true enough, there was a clear road to the shrine.

The celebration was already finished and all were inside the shrine already.  We were having "dirty" ice cream and free drinks from Starbucks when we decided to have the necessary selfies and groupies pics.  We were about to take the bike ride home when we saw that we can enter the museum in its compound.  Free entrance neat.  We didn't let this pass, as we don't go here often so we saw the insides of the house of Aguinaldo.  In it houses his furnitures and stuff from the bygone era.

At the back lies his remains and we had to take a picture of that too.  Some locals and aficionados wore their Magdalo uniforms and cajoled with crowd.  Had some pics with them as well.

It was nearing lunch and the summer heat was getting intense so decided to start going home.  That instead of riding back to Daang Hari, we decided to take the Zapote Road route back.

The whole exercise took maybe 6 hours and we were home by then.  Another bonding between bike friends and participating in our history, a great ride bucket list checked.