Daang Reyna Loop - Practice Ride for Tagaytay


Being an old bloke doesn't stop one from doing what he loves, biking.  With endless dreams of doing bike camping, one must be always ready physically when he finally does it.  As desired destinations are more than 100 kilometers from me, I must regularly practice and practice riding in different topographic terrains.  Not everything is flat as I noticed in my riding experience.

Prior to this route, I have been cycling San Pedro to Calamba and vice versa.  That's a total of 52 kilometers of full flat road surface.  I've been doing this for sometime now and at the back of my mind, I dread going to Tagaytay.  A shorter route with a lot of climbs, a lot.  I had to test my mettle with uphills then I did it.

All those hard riding to Calamba, didn't help.  Uphills were a different animal altogether.  When other conquer Tagaytay in 3 hours, I went up in 5 hours and more so minutes with my tongue hanging out.

So I decided to change my routine.  That instead of doing 52 kilometers, I decided to do a shorter run but with a lot of short uphill climbs.

From United San Pedro in Laguna, I now traverse Magsaysay Road with lots of uphills and downhills to Victoria Homes in Muntinlupa.  Then it plateaus along Daang Reyna to Evia Lifestyle.  Then I return back the way I came in,  but midway, I turn right to go to Manila Southwoods exit to Halang and traverse the National Highway to my home.

That comes to around 30 kilometers and as a variety, from Evia Lifestyle, I proceed to Vista Mall in Molino with more added hills in its way.  That's an additional 6 kilometers or more, the more uphills the better.

What I liked with this new route is that the uphills are like hell, but when you reach the top, the view is heaven sent.  The air is cooler and fresh, making my struggle worthwhile.  In some parts of the ride, I can see trees along the road, vast open grass spaces, then with less traffic, makes for a serene and comfortable ride.  I ride alone in my practice rides and I am able to think about future projects.

This route also gives me the chance to talk to other riders especially along Daang Reyna where Palazzio Verde lies.   A lot of riders pass through here because of the cool breeze and the trees that lined its path, not to mention the paved roads and less traffic, it is an ideal path for time trial riders with their road bikes.  When I rest in Palazzio Verde, other riders do the same.  Taking some time to rest and exchange stories.  

I have been doing this for quite some time now and I might say it has proven some significant results.  When I finally went up Tagaytay,  I did it in 3 hours,  a total of 36 kilometers of uphill battle.  When I did reach the top, I had spare energy left in me that I took a longer route going back.  I did the Silang route exiting Governor Drive in Binan, Laguna.  A total of 80 kilometers total in 6 hours more or less.  My average ride is just way below 15 kph as per my cyclometer but there were some stretches of downhill that made the ride home must faster.

This being said, we tried Kaybiang Tunnel in Maragondon Cavite, a total of 140 kilometers.  That's another story altogether.