We Need More Bike Racks and Restrooms and other realizations


In a recent trip to Makati to pick up some stuff, I opted to use my bike instead of using public commute.  A total of 55kms we racked up in the process and the following we noticed during this ride.

Makati buildings do not have bike parking
Makati is so protective of their parking that they are wary of bikes hanging around near their buildings.  When I stopped in front of their lobbies, they immediately told me I can't stay in front.  I asked both security guards where to park, they can't or won't suggest any.  I told both that I was going into their building to their tenant, they said yes.  Park it at the back of the parked cars they said and lock it.  I did just that only to find out they don't have bike racks behind their designated car park.  To add to my horror, I was NOT allowed to chain my bike to a building fixture.  The first building was okay since the area they suggested to me for parking was beside their security office of sorts.  The other was a horror story waiting to happen.  There was no fixture I can chain to, and there were no people in that area.  Good thing I was there only for a few minutes so I simply used all my bike locks and pray that my bike will not be carried away to be stolen.  

Gas Stations have busted restrooms
Unlike other bikers or commuters, I do not relieve myself behind trees or in nearby dark alleyways.  I respect the areas by which these violators do their deed.  I always look for restrooms as much as I can.  In this ride, I passed by SLEX service roads and found out that 3 gas stations have closed or busted restrooms.  I wonder how their customers relieve themselves.  I also found out that Petron Gas Stations have clean and functioning restrooms.  Not only this, they also provide for water and air stations.  I can only wonder how the other gas stations survive.  If I was passing through this area often, I would not patronize these gas stations, I would only go to Petron.

In summary, other bikers push for bike lanes, I push for more bike parking, enough with parking area greed, and I push for more restrooms.

Strava is inconsistent
As many people use Strava, I was enticed to download an app to document my bike rides.  Everything was good first time, but when after using that app for a month now, it has gone bonkers.  Two rides of mine was simply not recorded, and these were my long rides.  I was so disappointed that I was forced to delete it and used my previous biking app.  It may not have all the bells and whistles of Strava but it does track some basic information.  I think Strava is just forcing me to upgrade and pay for their services.  I think not.

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