When Biking In Alabang Town Center


This will be a short article on our ride to the Alabang Town Center.  Some malls do not have proper bike racks for securing your bikes.  Much to my dismay when I started to bike around town.  Biking is not only healthy for you but also is helping the environment but not consuming fossil fuels.  You avoid traffic thus faster mode of transportation depending where you are headed.

One problem I have is the absence or the few bike racks being provided by malls.  I understand its an added cost for them as they can't or don't charge a parking fee for this.  Plus the fact that their security must look after it from time to time.  So no one would spend to fit a bike rack in their premises.  Biker must now rely on sign posts, fences from which bicycles can be latched unto.

Thank you Alabang Town Center for providing such bike racks, yes plural, bike racks around its malls.  Should you have a hard time finding one here, simply ask the security guards, they know how to guide you to a nearest rack to you (other malls' security guards do not even know they have these).

As a precaution also, read the bicycle parking reminders posted near the racks.  It will remind you to properly lock your bike and will provide the details of your privilege to use these bike racks as well.

Thanks Alabang Town Center for the effort, to help out the bikers and the environment as well.  We hope that other malls will follow your example.

By the way, using the bike racks are provided for free here.