Sunlife CyclePH


I have been cycling seriously for a year now.  2017 I had me biking for a total of 1,000kms.  Last year I was not able to fully log my rides but for sure its way over that the previous year.  This rider is not into fast rides, but slow and long rides.  This is the reason why we have ridden to Mindoro and Central Luzon.  So joining competitions is not something that is exciting for me.

For CyclePH however it was a different animal altogether.  There were no medal awards to be given to those who finish first.  Ride will not be timed as well.  Everyone who finishes the race will be given a medal.  Wow.  Its a fun ride they said plus the fact that the money garnered will be given off as charity.  Great advocacy.

There were a number of categories, there were some for kids as well.  Since we have been bike camping, bike touring, we opted for the long ride category.  The one that offers a 40km fun ride.  Since it was 40kms, I thought there would just be a few riders crazy enough to do this within the metro.  I was wrong, there were a lot of riders who registered for this category and we had 4 waves of those who would ride the 40km.

Since we were doing the 40kms, we were the first ones to ride out.  The first wave will start off 5:30am, then wave B 5:35am, then wave C 5:40am and the last wave D goes out 5:45am.

We started off from BGC, then over the buendia flyover to make a U turn at Edison Street, then back to BGC where we will make a U turn again for our our second lap.  We did this for a couple of turns until we reach the 40km total.

In the end we had a lot of fun, as neither challenge the other to finish first.  I competed against myself and rode against time.  Usually on a casual ride, I am doing 52kms but I do rest at the 26kms half way point.  For this race, I had to do 40kms with no rest stops.  So I challenged myself if I can do it. I was surprised with my efforts here as I was able to muster one hour and half for the whole 40kms.  For that time I was only doing 26kms on my usual ride.  Since all roads were closed for this event, there were no traffic, no cars to pose any threat or hindrance to our biking.

My time was also surprising as most of those who had ridden in this category were road bikes.  I was in a mountain bike, not fully upgraded yet at that.  I was not first to finish but I was not the last.  Hurray for me. LOL.

Anyway at the end, I was happy with my ride and I was happy with my performance.  I got my medal in the end, got my free breakfast and left with a great feeling of accomplishment.  I hope I get to do it next time when I get an opportunity.

Oh by the way, after finishing the 40kms ride, I had to pedal home. That's an additional 26kms. :)